FAM confinement is the only centre that develop our very own “Triple-One” policy.

One Unit, One Mother, One Nanny/Nurse

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We are able to offer young mother a safe and comfortable 28 days confinement period with full privacy in a state-of-the-art-interior designed serviced apartment unit and one dedicated nanny assigned, all by her self, the assigned nanny will always be present to support, accompany and provide completeattention to both mother and here newborn baby during the confinement period.

Our team of confinement nannies are combination of both modern and experienced nannies who shared common passion and love to care for all young mothers especially during the vital 1st month of their motherhood; our nannies are taught to treat all young mothers like their very own daughters. With that, our nannies are focused to give only the best to the young mothers and provide them with sufficient guidance and necessary support whenever its needed.

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We Understand

We understand the importance to assist new young mother in adjusting to motherhood and the assigned nanny plays a vital role in the whole process; hence all mothers should be rest assured that our nannies are carefully selected based on their good working records, good hygiene practices, reference check and they possess positive attitude towards caring for newborn baby.

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We Listen

We Listen to mother’s concern, with both highly dedicated professional care team and nannies team; we definitely be able to best match the ideal nanny in accordance to mother’s requirement exclusively. We strive to support all mothers as a solution provider with aims to provide exclusive care and psychological support in ensuring all mothers’ postpartum month to be fruitful, enriching and carefree.

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We Care

We Care about the well-being of all mothers and newborn babies Our affiliated team of TCM physician will work closely with all mothers even during the initial stage of their pregnancy in order to develop customised nourishing confinement meal plans that will cater to every mothers’ individual needs, to improve healthy milk and increase milk-flow for the newborn baby.

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Introducing Madam Yeo Wei Yan, our leading Trainer & Lactation Consultant at FAM confinement center. Certified in her field and backed by an impressive 12 years of practice, she holds a deep understanding on breastfeeding and postnatal care which include caring for premature newborns. Her skills extend beyond lactation consultancy, encompassing proficiency in postnatal massage and a comprehensive understanding of postpartum wellness.

In her extensive experience, Madam Yeo encounters various challenges that mothers may face during their breastfeeding journey, like breast engorgement and swelling, latch-on pain, insufficient milk-flow, etc. Her approach involves a personalized and empathetic method, carefully assessing each mother’s unique situation. Utilizing her years of experience, she devises tailored strategies, which may include adjustments in positioning, offering practical solutions to enhance milk production, and providing emotional support to reduce concerns.

Madam Yeo is instrumental in not only offering expert guidance in lactation consultancy and postnatal care, but also in both training and enhancing the skills set of our nannies; her role involves educating our nannies on newborn care, breastfeeding support, and postpartum wellness. By providing tailored training sessions, Madam Yeo ensures our team is well-equipped to deliver exceptional care to both infants and mothers, while maintaining FAM Confinement’s highest standards of services in the market.

Her expertise significantly enriches our team’s abilities, ensuring greatest care and support for the families we serve.

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